OPINION: Rep. Mimi Walters, not our congresswoman

A crowd of Orange County residents gathered outside Walters’ office in Irvine to get her to answer questions about President Trump's executive orders on January 31. (Lesley Naranjo / Lariat)

A crowd of Orange County residents gathered outside Walters’ office in Irvine to get her to answer questions about President Trump’s executive orders on January 31. (Lesley Naranjo / Lariat)

 Orange County residents protested outside of Mimi Walters office in Irvine Tuesday, Jan. 31. Orange County residents are upset that Walters has yet to hold a city hall meeting since she has been elected.

Democrats tried to stop Walters from running for office in 2012 because they claimed she was not a resident of the 37th district. Many residents are saying she’s currently not a resident of the 45th district, but Walters claims she has lived in Laguna Hills since 1999. Yet currently, Walters is nowhere to be found in Orange County.

Walters is not our congresswoman because she does not reflect Orange County’s progression, if anything she is a road block to the path of progress. For example, Walters wants to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, is in favor of the Keystone XL Pipeline, and wants to defund Planned Parenthood.

In November 2016 on election night, Orange County flipped Democratic. According to the Los Angeles Times this was the first time the county went blue in 40 years. Although the county swung blue by only five points it was enough to cause a roar within the community causing residents to continue protesting until their voices were heard. Under an administration like Trump’s the people have become the watchdog.

People of all nationalities coming together as one at Los Angeles immigration march. (By Jorge Maldonado)Protesters put signs on her door, as well as sliding some under Rep. Walters' door, expressing their displeasure with her lack of responsiveness to concerning issues. (Lesley Naranjo / Lariat)Fellow protestors expressing immigration reform. (By Jorge Maldonado)Guni Abeysekera, 19, protests at the office of Rep. Walters. (Lesley Naranjo / Lariat)A man looking up with joy at our nations flag. (By Jorge Maldonado)Posters left in front of Walters' office by protesters. (Lesley Naranjo / Lariat)Multi racial civilians come together in protest to stand for their rights. (By Jorge Maldonado)Gauchos point guard TJ Shorts lobs a pass up court starting a Saddleback fast break late in the first half (Colin Reef/ Lariat)A woman standing in protest wearing her support of gay rights. (By Jorge MaldonadoA man praying with a feeling of high emotions amongst fellow protestors. (By Jorge Maldonado)Protestors voicing their opinion about immigration at Immigration rally. (By Jorge Maldonado)

Walters told MSNBC she felt that Orange County didn’t “get” Trump’s message. Rep. Walters, what’s to “get”? How could you say that to people who are surrounded by diversity? 

It is time Orange County’s progression is shown in our leaders as well. 

We reelected you and we hope you stand by with the statement you made to the OC Register back in 2015 stating:

“[The Muslim ban] does not represent conservative values nor the principles upon which this country was founded.”

Walters, It is time to stop hiding in the shadows of your Republican party, come out to Orange County, and address your constituents concerns. Where do you stand with this “Muslim” ban? Do you think building a wall on the Mexican border will actually keep illegal immigrants out of our country? Why have you yet to respond to the people who put you in office? Orange County is home to many immigrants, first generation born, and diverse students that could be directly affected by a ban or a wall.

“Walters is accountable and it is her duty to talk to us.” said Andrea Milne, co-founder of Feminist Illuminati of UC Irvine. The Feminist Illuminati is one of the many organizations that have gathered outside of Walters’ office to get her reps. to talk to concerned citizens. Among these protesters were medical students, teachers, and parents. These protests  have been organized with the Democratic Socialists of Orange County who plan on protesting until Walters holds a town hall meeting. 

Under an administration like Trump’s, it is important for the people to be involved in what’s happening in Capitol Hill.  Through social media, it has become easier to be updated on any issue. FiveThirtyEight is a company that keeps analytical tracks on politics, sports, economics, and culture. They have set up trackers for Congress and for any Representatives for the U.S. including our very own Mimi Walters.