Women’s History Month celebrated

Volunteer at the Women’s History event (SEAN LARA / LARIAT STAFF)

Joseph Espiritu

March 1 marked the first day of Women’s History Month celebration at Saddleback College.  The four-day–long event – arranged by the Diversity Student Council along with Women’s History Month celebration Chair Mel Fenerci, 19, communications was the first of its kind and was set to help present the challenges and accomplishments women faced in the past and still see today.  

“The purpose of the event is to celebrate Women’s History. It is not to idealize women but to learn about the achievements of women,” Fenerci said. “This event was planned for students to learn the stories of women’s talent, success and accomplishment, and our hope is to expand a sense of what is possible for girls and women.”

Monday was set as to a walk around campus where students learned about the roles women played in history.   The event also had a dialogue where attendees explained why they are partaking in the celebration of women’s history and their personal views on it.

“It’s eye-opening just how much women have helped shape the course of history,” said Stan Harris, 20, undecided.  “We have Joan of Arc, Marie Antoinette just to name a couple from the past – then Rosa Parks who paved the way for equality not just in sex but also in ethnicity.”

The walk was well attended with students coming and going throughout the duration.
Posters were available for students to express their feelings on women equality, treatment and views throughout the campus.

“It’s cool that we are doing this as a college,” said Nelli Wilke, 19, biology.  “Women have been so looked over in the past so much and its great that today’s society is much more open that we are even having a celebration for it.”


Speaker at Women’s History event (CASIE NGUYEN)