VOICES: Bucket List for Travel

                                                                                                                                   The Hollywood Sign as seen from the trail in Runyon Canyon Park. (wikipedia.com)

This summer I’m going to sign myself up for nothing but a summer of fun!. Like Drake said, “All summer sixteen, playing dirty not clean.”

Being that this summer I won’t really have to worry about basketball being that I will have free time and focusing on transferring, I will be able to go and do things that I have never gotten the chance to.

  1. Sneak into the Drake and Future “Summer Sixteen” concert.
  2. Have a swimming pool/outdoor barbecue with friends.
  3. Hike Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles.
  4. Take a cool picture at the canyon and post it on Instagram.
  5. Go out to Los Angeles and club hop for a night.
  6. Go to Vegas and try to get into a club.
  7. Transfer to another college by the end of summer.

Hopefully this summer I do things that I truly enjoy, and nothing illegal that will get me in legal trouble.