United we stand, divided we fall

Olivia Joie

The United States of America stood together in a time of need. September 11, 2001 is a day that will live in infamy, as thousands lost their lives in a major act of terrorism.

Children were left parentless and spouses were left widowed. We watched a select few return home that day, and just as many go missing.
The tears of our sad country left question marks across the faces of the affected. Sorrow could not encompass the national grief our country suffered.

Concerned citizens questioned the future acts of our government, as many sincerely believed life ceased to exist.

Today I sit with my aunts, uncles, and friend’s parents. They were victims to these violent acts, and I will forever appreciate and remember them.
So many yearn for what they had. So many more have not experienced life since that gray morning.

Then, lying across this “united” nation, California sits. A state that laughs at the past, considering the previous thoughts and grievances of our country as a bore. Less than nine years ago I watched the Twin Towers crumble to the ground. The world viewed it via television. Life since then has changed. Life since then has never been the same.

Frantic phone calls went unanswered, as we soon discovered that our family was no longer. Broken at its core: my cousins were found parentless.
Our family went numb, and the nation stood still. America went to war, and the world followed.

California, you sadden me. You willingly joke of the happenings surrounding September 11, 2001, and gleefully “remember” the absolute stupidity you reek of.

The day where the World Trade Center fell to the ground I watched my family crumble. A year where America united, I watched my family strengthen and cling to each other.

In years following my family has struggled through the psychological, physical, and mental issues forced upon us. But, California, you have forgotten. Your unnecessary banter disgusts me. You shame this country with every chuckle you have concerning the terror attacks America was succumbed to.

I am disheartened every time you speak, California. A day that changed my world is laughed at. You have no respect. The future scares me, as I watch blatant disrespect to the lives lost in the attacks.

America, who are you? America, where is your dignity, respect and honor? Where does your loyalty lay?

A united country requires brotherhood. Consider your stance, then consider your country. What is united? Where is your loyalty?