They work hard for the money

(Ashleigh Johnson)

Nikki jagerman

When choosing a college, one must take into consideration many things, such as the availability of hookers. Recently, Irvine Valley College has been showing great potential for providing such services.

Last week undercover officers busted three prostitutes after they agreed to perform sexual favors on an officer for $160. Using, the women had posted classified ads and invited the men come to their shared apartment in Irvine. Kyung Ah Lee, 34, Su Jin Park, 34, and Hyun Jung Shin, 28 are no longer in service. Well, for now.

Internet junkies, despite having been typecast as lazy home-dwellers, are a group that is unequivocally determined to accomplish their goals while sitting in front of their computer. Who else would play a game all day everyday like World of Warcraft that has no end and therefore cannot be beaten? Guys with determination and chronic dry-eye, that’s who.

Take three hookers off the Internet and they’ll find more if that’s what they want. Most of their customers are probably from the Irvine area, which is a computer-savvy demographic.The allure of prostitution is understandable from an economic standpoint.

However, it takes a person of less than mainstream morals to go through with it. Finding three in Irvine is insane. The Spectrum isn’t exactly Hunt’s Point. It’s no secret that Wal-Mart will hire just about anyone, but will they come to your house and pay you $160 for every task you complete? No.

It’s easy to criticize and question the lifestyle that lead to these women’s arrest or why they would objectify themselves for money, but it’s also easy to understand the crazy things that money makes people do, especially in Orange County.

College guys are notorious for insatiable sex drives and empty wallets. So take your average college guy, we’ll call him Blazer, and send him out to try and find a girl.

Blazer decides that his best route is going to the local dance club for drinks, dancing, and meeting a fine lady with matching tongue and belly-button rings.

After paying for his clubbing clothes, hair product, Axe, and the Roofies he may or may not have to use tonight, he’s ready to go. Now he just has to pay for the gas to get there, the cover charge at the door, and drinks.

Blazer was a math major and decided to find girls on Craiglist using free Wi-Fi instead.

Living in a conservative community, prostitution is practically unheard of.

With a university and community college, one expects a certain amount of racy behavior but nothing that so outwardly disputes the moral majority and breaks the law. Irvine is a rapidly growing area that consequently leaves itself open for crime. What the students need to realize is that their community is expanding and that although this is a non-threatening crime for them, other crimes put them in danger so their guard must be up.