There is no mocking this bird


It’s 1935 and the Great Depression seems to be the least of anyone’s worries in ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’.

Racism is still occurring as a young white female Mayelle Ewell, played by Britlynn Allen, accuses a black man Tom Robinson, played by Scott Greene, of raping and attacking her.

The play begins with Scout and Jem, played by Esther Bent and Aaron Spann, passing a football around.

Scout is soon to learn a truth could forever change her view on life. When their father Atticus Finch, portrayed by Richard Hawkes, Scout and Jem learn about him defending Tom Robinson in court.

It is very difficult for a dark skin man or women to win a court case in Alabama during the 1930’s. The deep south teamed with hatred and misunderstanding for anyone who was different. Everyone was still single minded and stubborn to change their opinions about anyone who was not considered of the norm. Being different usually always meant unfairness in law and to some it meant cruelty and punishment.

Even with Tom Robinson being found guilty, no lawyer has ever been able to keep a jury deliberating about cases as long as Atticus can.

Now the jury members are made up of some of the audience members, not actors. Before the show starts about six people are asked to join the jury for the second act of the show.

It was believed throughout by some of the characters that if anyone could win a case for Tom Robinson it would be Atticus for sure. During the 1930’s it was very easy to accuse anyone who was dark skinned for a false crime because no jury would side with someone who was ‘colored’. ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ stayed very true to the classic novel written by Harper Lee. Christopher Sergel recreated the novel into the spectacular play version which will continue to run through Nov. 17. The acting was amazing, as almost every audience member seemed to enjoy themselves.

Whispers roamed through parts of the theater on the talented Esther Bent. A few people even mentioned how she was so cute and adorable even though her character was a tomboy.

Every actor has done a fantastic job at recreating all of the beloved and some infamous characters.

For anyone who has read and loved this one of a kind classic, then the play is a must see. ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ is definitely a one the whole family will fall in love with.