The Waymaker Club: The new seeker friendly Christian club on campus

John Stanley, Joshua Yates, and Caleb Warner are members part of this semesters one month old club. Lariat l Adam Sparano

Having a place for people curious about Jesus Christ, where they could ask questions was a dream of John Stanley, President of the Waymaker Club.

He came back after completing a master’s degree purposely so he could start this club.  

The Saddleback student club officially started up in September. Members meet weekly every Monday 1:30 PM in BGS 255. The focus is on answering people’s question on the Bible. It is newcomer friendly for non-Christian students seeking to know more about the Bible and about Jesus, it also is a great place for other Christians to find fun fellowship with others to sing songs, discuss topics on the Bible and strategize how to answer people’s question about Christ on campus, Stanley said.  

“We are a group of Christian students who love Jesus and who want to pull in anybody who might be of interest,” Stanley said. “My buddy Pete and I were sharing the gospel on campus and thought there’s no place for students to come if they have more questions because it’s not just Christians we talk to, it is people just seeking who may be interested in Jesus so we thought if we started a club we could have a place people who were interested wanted to ask questions could come.”  

 The club’s name is based on Christ’s proclamation that Jesus Christ is “the way” to live life.    

 “We got an advisor and she thought up the name Waymaker,” Stanley said about club advisor Cathrine Hayter. 

 “The Waymaker club honestly been a blessing,” said Joshua Yates, business major. “I was wondering how I was going to connect with other Christians in this school. This is a great way and a lot of fun.”  

There are other faith-based clubs on campus, such as the Buddhists For Peace Club and Muslim Student Association Club. All clubs, spiritual or non-spiritual, are listed in the Student Development’s website.