The unhealthiest health trends

(Jordan Hammer)

Lariat Editorial Board

Fitness has become a huge trend in Orange County. It is obvious because of all the new food products on the market promoting health consciousness.

On campus we now have L.A. Fitness representatives nearly forcing free passes to the gym down our throats, and while it may benefit some students, others are offended. Many students decline the “free” gym pass.

New dieting techniques are constantly being shared, especially those of celebrities. Many students enroll in physical education classes on campus because students can get class credit while exercising.

But what exactly is healthy?

Does buying a box of 100-calorie pack cookies mean that you are healthy? It just means you are eating a smaller portion of junk food.

The best way to become healthy is eating a balanced diet including fruits and vegetables. It seems that people feel better about buying junk food just because the box says “No Trans Fat.”

We at the Lariat support fitness and healthy diets. Gym memberships are great as long as the member is willing to work for results.

Each gym approaches the subject differently but it does not matter how much they offer, what it comes down to is getting up off the couch and making a change for yourself.

A gym membership on its own will not give the client washboard abs and a summer body instantly. It takes work.

For those who are not excited about working up a sweat, many companies are advertising healthy foods, such as those with antioxidants and anti-aging qualities.

Many products with anti-aging benefits are loaded with sugar. Next time you grab a vitamin water, look at the nutrition facts. You’d probably be better off taking a Flintstone vitamin.

While you are snacking on your vitamins you don’t even need to go to the gym. With shows like “I can make you thin,” audiences can loose weight while sitting on the couch. The show says that by following a few simple steps (one being eat what you want) you can lose the weight that no diet has been able to shake from your midsection.

If all else fails those wanting a healthier appearance can always turn to the beauty industry. It apparently discovered the “secret” to aging.

The cosmetic industry has a few solutions to your weight-loss goals in addition to every other solution. With the invention of slimming creams with names like “fat girl slim” and “lovehandler” all you have to do is slap it on your body in order to appear slimmer and leaner.

Add a couple cellulite removing pads, that adhere to the back of your thighs, and you’ll never have to think about leaving the couch.

The only way to burn those calories and loose the extra weight is to practice a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine.Don’t fall for the gimmicks. If a food, product or diet sounds too good to be true, chances are it probably is.