The smooth sounds of KSBR

YOU’RE UP (Jessica Taylor)

Jessica Taylor

Amid rock, country, and hip-hop radio stations, the smooth sounds of jazz are hard to come by, unless you know of Saddleback’s little secret.

KSBR, 88.5 fm is Saddleback’s radio station, offering commercial-free entertainment all of the time. Current and former students host the segments.

“Some of the DJ’s were former students who just stuck around,” said Judy Davila, a DJ. “Some of them are students who finished the communications class and wanted a slot.”

There are close to 60 student and community volunteers that filter in and out of the KSBR office, and another batch that host the rock sister of KSBR,

Not all the music is jazz – on the weekends special segments such as blues, reggae, and Latin music are showcased.

“The weekends are the best because they mix it up from just the traditional jazz,” said Harry Krueger, 26, political science. “It is hard to find a station that offers the kind of variety KSBR does.”

According to their website, KSBR also host a critically acclaimed local news department. It broadcasts news every half-hour in the mornings and every hour throughout the rest of the day. Keeping current with affairs, KSBR is proud to host candidate forums and election-night coverage for important city and county races.

KSBR is a stepping-stone for those interested in pursuing a career in the radio industry. There is even a “List” posted on the wall with all of the former DJ’s who have gone on to do professional radio.

To maintain their facilities, KSBR hosts a “Birthday Bash” every May as an annual fundraiser. More than 25 contemporary jazz moguls get together to put on an extraordinary concert for the community. This year, the Bash will be held May 25 from 5:30-9:30 p.m. To find out more information on KSBR, visit

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