Superfriends Club reaches out to disabled students

Kaily Sanders

No matter who you are or what you do, everyone, including people with special needs, deserves to have friends.  Sometimes people need a boost in their social life, or an opportunity for them to be forced to meet new people and associate in new activities.  Saddleback College’s Superfriends Club provides exactly this. 

“Our club is made up of our students that have disabilities that go to school here at Saddleback.  We also invite non-disabled students to join so that our students have a chance to socialize with their campus community,”  said Veronica Godinez-Woltman, Superfriends club president. 

The Superfriends Club integrates  students without disabilities with students with disabilities into activities once a month on and off campus.  Activities include: Angel games, Disneyland, movies, bon fires, pizza parties and many more.  The first event is a Halloween party in the Student Lounge on Oct. 28 from 6-8:30 p.m., which includes a costume party with dancing, games, food and crafts. 

“Our mission is to help Saddleback College students who have disabilities make friendships with typical college students,” said Lori Thibeau, C.U.S.D. Adult Transition Program.  This particular club provides an opportunity for friendships for persons with disabilities. It also helps college students who are interested in entering teaching or helping professions to gain experience in a fun and positive environment.  The Superfriends club also matches Saddleback College student volunteers in one-to-one friendships with persons with disabilities, and also by having associate volunteers participate in monthly activities.  This club allows people with disabilities to have more of a social college life, just like everyone else.  

If anyone is interested in joining the club, he or she can pick up an application outside of the office in Saddleback College Library Room 321.  Simply fill out the short form and turn it using the return envelope.  You are then placed on their e-mail list and will heard of future events.

“These friendships can become even greater mentorships too!” said Godinez-Woltman.