Students fill need for blood

The American Red Cross sets up its bus for the blood drive on Tuesday. (Rachel Schmid)

Rachel Schmid

Countless students donated blood to the American Red Cross on Tuesday, but did the donors realize just how needed their blood was?

Lura Hills, a second year student at Saddleback, understands why it is so important to donate her blood. Her father was in a serious car accident while he was in college, and he received a lifesaving blood transfusion.

“Any opportunity I have to give blood I do, because I know how it saved my dad and it saves the lives of others,” Hills said.

Like other students who gave blood Tuesday, Hills had no idea that there is a massive blood shortage- the worst shortage in 15 years according to American Red Cross Nurse Edward Orlobski.

“We have to refresh the blood supply, because it’s coming from somewhere so patients that are in need of blood can receive it,” Orlobski said. “It’s coming from you guys; from the donors and the volunteers that are willing to take a little time out to come and donate. If not, then the blood isn’t going to come from anywhere else and it’s going to put people in bad shape.”

Another Saddleback student, J.C. Narciso, was aware of the shortage before he gave blood, but that’s not why he donated Tuesday.

“I donate just ’cause it saves lives and makes me feel good,” Narciso said.

The blood collected from the students will save the lives of some Mission Hospital patients, but it still won’t be enough. According to Orlobski, they are still 2,000 bags short for the month.

The next blood drive being held on the Saddleback Campus is September 25 and 26.