Student Rocks Stage

Musician (Courtesy of She Screams Remedy)

Casie Nguyen

All is silent and still upon the stage as the audience anticipates the next song. Suddenly, the guitar riffs and hair flips into a wild frenzy. Running around the stage, she grasps the microphone as a  deadly harmonic voice screams through to the audience’s ears. This is a typical high energy performance from Krysten Gammon, the lead singer of She Screams Remedy, a band located in the hub of Orange County.
Meet Kyrsten Gammon, 18, undecided, the front-woman of She Screams Remedy, a band that has grown in popularity and fame since 2006. The band consists of five members, vocals and guitar, Trevor Koch, guitarist and keys Tim Berman, bassist Chris Cisneros, drummer Anthony Agotinacci and Krysten Gammon, vocals.

Gammon attends Irvine Valley college and is a part of becoming a rock sensation with She Screams Remedy since playing at Warped Tour in 2009.

Gammon’s induction into the band was anything but unusual. In 2008, Gammon utilized Craigslist to kick start her singing career. Gammon’s interest was caught with an ad for a lead singer for She Screams Remedy and nervously, Gammon set up an audition date.
“I figured at that point that if I really wanted music to be a part of my life, I had to set my eye on the goal and follow through with whatever I started.” Gammon said.
Prior to her trying out for SSR, she had backed out of other auditions for The Verpertines due to nervousness and doubt.
In a warehouse in Anaheim, 16 year old Gammon met up with three 21 year old guys, Trevor Joch, Tim Berman, and former drummer Nadeem Haddad for her audition. Gammon’s natural talent, powerful voice and ability to write to the instrumentals gave her a strong performance although she did not know if she was in the band for another few months.
 “She was a perfect fit. With an ethereal, almost dream-like voice that hits like lightning, Kyrsten’s fresh approach to harmonies and collaborative singing elevated the in-studio sessions and live performances to new heights.” The Myspace websites explains Gammon’s entry into the band.
Every performer has had their challenges to overcome. From her high energy performances, one would’ve never guessed that Gammon had struggled with stage fright. At an early age, Gammon had taken voice lessons in the Bay Area.
“Because I was afraid of what my teachers would think, I wouldn’t sing in my full voice” Gammon said.
However, Gammons talented passion for singing was inextinguishable as she joined choir in high school . As she became more comfortable singing in groups, she joined a few small bands her friends had formed. Gammon finally gained more experience as she met Paul Hessing and John Bisaha and made their first recording of Seven Years by Saosin together. Hessing and Gammon then met up with Zach Churchill where Gammon discovered songwriting. The group split ways junior year, but the experience was irreplaceable, and the stage fright was dwindling down.
To prepare for a show, the energetic front woman of She Screams Remedy does warm-up jumps and breathing exercises before show to calm her nerves. “If my boys are behind me, I feel a lot better, knowing they have my back.” Gammon said.
As she immerses herself into the song lyrics, Gammon describers her feelings after performances as “Sweaty”.
 “Performing on stage is a great feeling.” Gammon said. “It’s hot and sweaty, exhilarating and humbling. Music is a release, and a way to reach out to others.” Gammon’s mindset during shows is belting out the lyrics to portray emotions and ideas to the audience despite her tired state.
 After an intense hour of performance, Gammon said, “I feel like the whole world has been lifted off my shoulders. It’s one of the best feelings ever.”
One would wonder how Gammon can manage to be a college student as well as a singing sensation. An average day in Gammons life takes careful planning to balance out her many roles as a singer, an employee, a student, and a friend.
“A day in my life is pretty hectic” Gammon said. “Between being a full time student and a part time Charlotte Russe employee, it’s difficult to find time for myself.”
Gammon admits her focus is time management to fulfill her college goals as well as rock star life. Gammon attends IVC twice a week and gets out of class no later than 4pm just in case she has a show that night. On top of that, Gammon works at Charlotte Russe with her personable bubbly personality and fashion expertise three to four days a week as well as having band practice once or twice a week in Anaheim.
As for Gammons future transfer plans, “I’d like to transfer to Fullerton eventually. It’s somewhat of a slow process, considering I don’t take many classes per semester, but I’m on my way.” Gammon said. She hopes to major with in the entertainment industry.

In her spare time, Gammon is dedicated to her band and personal success. She helps manage the Myspace page by adding new fans, replying to comments and messages, and trying to book and promote shows.
“It does become a struggle sometimes on my relationship, but I’m lucky to have a boyfriend who understands how hectic my schedule can get, and who does his best to help me study and promote the band.”  Gammon said. Gammons pointed out that her boyfriend has been at every show, and helps the band promote themselves and sell merchandise.
The band travels around for shows, and some months are crazier than others. “Sometimes, the month is really crazy.” Gammon says. In April alone, She Screams Remedy is playing 7 shows, three of which are over 2  ½ hours away, and two are 7 hours away. The band does get some breaks in some months with a few shows. “I like being busy though, it makes me feel productive.” Gammon said.
The style of She Screams Remedy is “interactive evolved rock music that would create a new style for a new generation.” There is not one genre for their music, but many from alternative to rock.
 “Here’s how I would describe it,” says Tim Koch, vocals and guitar, “we want to be inspired by other musicians and by our audience. We want to influence them, of course, but we also want them to influence us, I think that’s the best way for us to grow”.
 “The band is called She Screams Remedy because it’s symbolic for what we stand for. She is the music, screams is calling out/screaming and remedy is just that, the cure. Music is calling out to be the cure,but deeper than that, music, literature, art, education, they are all essential parts of our lives, and the more involved we can become in them, the more enriched out lives can be.” Gammon said as she cited some data about Music and society.
 Secondary Students who participated in band or orchestra reported the lowest lifetime and current use of all substances such as alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs(Texas Commission on Drug and Alcohol Abuse Report. Reported in Houston Chronicle,  January 1998).
“In our songs, we talk about society and some of the sociological problems we encounter daily, different literary pieces of work, and philosophical theories.” Gammon said. “So while we try to write catchy tunes for kids to sing along to, we also like to write about things that may teach them a thing or two.”
She Screams Remedy has been nominated at the Orange county Music Awards (OCMA) for Best New Artist as well as the People’s Choice. Gammon and the band were treated like royalty that night with red carpet events, and getting to hear their song, “Pandora’s Box” among 15 other bands songs that night. “It was definitely an experience we hope to encounter many more times.” Gammon said as she experienced the red carpet event with her bandmates.
The band does not yet have a full length album yet and is currently searching for managers and digital publishers. However, their single track
s are available on iTunes.
“Up to this point, we’ve been a Do-it-yourself band, so we do want to make sure that whoever we work with will work just as hard, if not harder, than we already have.” Gammon said.
The Band plans on playing more shows this summer from Northern California to southern California and hopefully Vegas as well. The band played at warped tour in 2009.
“WE intend on doing what we’ve always done, writing new music that hopefully keeps improving, keeping interactive with out supporters, and playing a large variety of shows.” Gammon said, “In five years I hope we are on a good label, touring here and there. I would love to be a Warped Tour regular, and it’s my dream to tour with Circa Survive.”
Gammon offers advice to aspiring bands that hope to make it big one day or just play more shows.
“My Advice for an aspiring band is to start off with the knowledge that your band members are dedicated, hard working, and realize how much hard work goes into a band. There are a lot of sacrifices in bands.” Gammon said offering words of advice. A comfortable lifestyle with spare money and extra time to spend with friends and family/free time is a rarity.”

”The next big thing is write good music.” Gammon stresses the importance of writing complete songs and having a polished webpages to look more professional. “Myspace is an incredible business too, and being a band is a business if you intend on making money off of it. It’s difficult to make money off music, let long money you can pocket.”

Gammon also advises to play lots of shows, and invest in your band merchandise or recordings to promote and be interactive.

”Lastly, Remember your supporters. I can not stress that point enough. They are who will launch you to the top.” Gammon said. She Screams Remedy has a strong fanbase that are willing to advertise for them as well as drive 9 hours to see them.

Check out She Screams Remedy at for show dates and band info. Merchandise can be purchased on their site as well as single tracks on itunes.