Student arrested for sexual assault on IVC campus

Carlos Adrianzen

Students at Irvine Valley college were stunned last Thursday when a 21-year-old student was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault. The suspect, Alireza Hashemi, has been apprehended and currently being held in Orange County jail.
The assault took place Thursday night around 8 p.m. in parking lot 5. Hashemi had reportedly lured an 18-year-old woman who he had just met that day to his car. The two conversed until Hashemi attempted to force the woman into in the back seat. The woman was able to escape and notified campus police immediately.
Police were able to match the description with that of Hashemi, and was booked by the Irvine Police Department. On Friday. The suspect was arrested and taken to the Theo Lacy Facility where he awaits his arraignment set for Nov. 2, 2012. His bail is $100,000.
Bill Davis, a campus patrol officer, stated that the suspect had never met the woman before yet was a known offender. Hashemi never allegedly committed a sexual crime though, until Thursday.
Sergeant David Young of Irvine Valley College Campus Police, spoke of the matter with the Lariat stating that the suspect has been “charged with rape” and that their police station worked “cooperatively with the Irvine Police Department,” Young said. “The suspect acted alone,” Young added, and said that any fear or security threats pertaining to this assault have been “resolved.” There is a “Memorandum of Understanding,” or M.O.U. as Young stated, between our campus police and the Irvine Police Department. This means that crimes which are more complex and contain more extreme charges are delegated to the city police department.
In charge of the investigation at the Irvine Police Department is Lieutenant James Do. He specializes in sex crimes and is working in a combined effort with campus police.
Chief Will Glen of IVC Campus Police also weighed in on the incident, particularly on the fact that he was a known offender. Glen states that the investigation is “following up on additional calls.” Chief Glen also praised his department, stating “within 24 hours of the incident, all information was reported” and relayed to the Irvine Police Department.
When asked what can students on campus learn and do to help prevent future heinous crimes, Glen said, “All students should be more aware.” They are encouraged to use campus police as that is their duty. There is a “see something, say something” policy that Glen would like to see more actively used campus students. He also wanted to let campus know that the police will escort students to vehicles and encourages the use of this service if it is dark out. There are also brochures at the campus police department regarding extra safety precautions student and faculty can take.
Students at IVC can depend on campus police for protection and services. The department worked effectively at handling Alireza Hashemi and the charges pending against him. Students should also take heed from this incident to understand that danger can strike when you least expect i, and being more cautious, particularly in the evening, would be a wise decision to avert possible dangers.