Spring breakers: party hard or not at all?

It may seem like a good idea to go to Cabo, get drunk everyday and lay out on the beach, but good luck getting back into the swing of things and healing from your sunburn.

It’s better to take it easy on the week off and recover from the stressful semester at school. Otherwise you will spend your first week back in class recovering from your spring break, which will be counterproductive.

If you think about it, spring break isn’t really that long. A week is hardly enough time to go somewhere adjust to the new environment and then come home and adjust back before starting the old routine over.

How about doing something more productive with your time off. Why not pick up a few extra shifts at work and save up for a trip in the summer, or how about doing volunteer work? That could win you brownie points on your college applications when you transfer. Not to mention the fact that you were kind enough to spend your time helping others in need.

Got any books you’ve been meaning to read? Whip them out. You had to have Stephen Colbert’s book right when it came out, but you’ve only flipped through and looked at the hilarious pictures. Pick it up, dust off the cover and actually read it this time. A week is plenty of time to get through one book.

Spring break is a great way to catch up on school work. Most classes have some big semester long project that is due sometime after spring break.

You could start working on that so you aren’t up until 4a.m. the morning of, again.

It is possible to relax, but still be productive on spring break. That way you can prepare yourself for a more successful second half of your semester. Why not finish out the year on a strong note.

Basically, everyone wants to go party and completely forget about school on their spring break, but the fact of the matter is you can’t forget about it, because it’s such a short amount of time before you are back at school again.

Students should spring break responsibly so they can finish out the semester with their brains still intact.