Solo Salazar steals stage

Jonathan Blake Salazar entertains students at the quad on Tuesday Nov. 15 (Cassie Rossel/Lariat)

Cassie Rossel

The Social {LIVE} Series, presented by Saddleback College, brought out local artist on the rise Jonathan Blake Salazar to its campus last week.

Salazar gave out CD’s and soothed students with a one hour acoustic set that included his original compositions, which can only be described as a marriage of rock and blues. He also provided his audience with covers of several songs including, “The Joker” and “Stand By Me.”

Students took notice of the artist and cleaned out his booth of all CD’s.

Hayley Dobson, 23, psychology found Salazar’s performance to be peaceful and mellow.

“He sends a really good vibe, like I’m in a good mood right now because I’m listening to him,” Dobson said.

Salazar combined the “good vibes” of the day with several guitar solos that showed off his musical gifts.

The musician discovered his talent for playing the guitar in the sixth grade, and has not stopped playing it ever since. His love for music is a trait that has been with Salazar for as long as he can remember. “I’ve always just been obsessed with music,” the Fullerton native said.

A former quarterback of his high school football team, Salazar described himself as a “sports guy” who loved music. He said that it always came as a surprise to people when they found out that he could play the guitar.

Although Salazar has always had a knack for writing and an ear for music, he decided to pursue a music career only after taking lessons with Grammy nominated jazz pianist Rob Mullins.

Salazar caught Mullins’ attention when he played one of his original song at a lesson. Mullins liked what he heard and decided to manage Salazar shortly after. He then recorded his first album in 2006 with the help of Mullins.

Within the span of one year, Salazar found a manager, recorded an album, and began performing live. A music career was not originally an option that Salazar had thought deeply about until he experienced the rush of performing.

“It all happened so fast,” Salazar said. “I played my first live show right before my album was finished, without any previous experience, and I loved it.”

Along with playing shows and pursuing his career in music, Salazar also offers guitar lessons in Huntington Beach. The next step for the seasoned musician is to record his second full-length album, which he said he has been eager to do.

Salazar said that he has found his true calling in music, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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