Showcase: Seven Saddleback Fun-facts

Shannon Patrick

1) Thousands of crows visit Saddleback College at night and early morning. Some visit the golf course and one was unfortunate to have to gotten caught in the netting on the pole. A visitor noticed the poor crow and called the Saddleback Campus Police to get him down. The crow was caught in the net for about 15 minutes.

2) Cleanup crews have had their share of various messes. From fliers in the parking lots to horse poop. Yes, that’s right horse poop. Years ago students were able to ride their horses onto the campus because the school was once near a ranch. Maintenance became so annoyed with the constant mess that signs were made say “Do not ride horses to school.”

3) The football stadium is such a great place to go on a Saturday night to catch a football game. For some, the stadium is much more then a place for a football game. It was a place to have a picnic and look at the stars while being nude. The naked picnic goers kept getting caught by night cops and were told to leave the area.

4) Homeless people often have a hard time finding a place to sleep for the night. Some folks were telling the homeless  to go to Saddleback because of how safe it is. The homeless were being told Saddleback has a lot of security and night cops. The late night officers would find people sleeping on the golf course in the bushes. The unexpected guests were told they couldn’t sleep on the premise and have to leave.

5)  As most Saddleback students already know, forest creatures are pretty common to see. Everything from rabbits to snakes and even skunks have made their appearance. One graveyard officer came across a skunk during his shift. The skunk sprayed the officer, which forced him to have to call a backup officer so he could leave because the smell was so bad.

6)  Department Chair for the Library, instructor Ana Maria Cobos, said that librarians have weeded out and discarded 56,000 books for the renovation.  Library staff will be moving 10,000 books with a minimum circulation of 15 checkouts to the Village for student use and leaving an additional 45,000 in storage until the library re-opens in 2011.

7)  Vince Lu, the manager of Saddleback’s cafeteria, certifies that students consume 600 pounds of Orange Chicken in any given week.   He states that to wash down their orange delight, students rely on 90,000 ounces of Coca-Cola per week , which doesn’t include coffee, juices or water.

Sources:  Saddleback Campus Police, Ana Maria Cobbs, Vince Lu.