Second hand smoke courtesy

Let me start out by saying I have nothing against people who smoke. My best friend used to be a smoker as well as my father, and it never bothered me; well, except for the whole part about them possibly getting lung cancer and dying does sort of annoy me. I am of the mentality, “it’s your body, and do with it what you please.” I have no right to tell people what they shoud do and what toxins they should put in their bodies.

Having said that, there are many little things that I list amongst my pet peeves, which include people not using their blinker when they turn, girls who flick their acrylic nails together, and other annoying little habits that people have developed. But maybe it’s because I have obsessive compulsive disorder that these things seem to get on my nerves.

But one of my biggest pet peeves is when people blow smoke in my face. There is nothing worse than walking to class and having the person in front of you smoking a cigarette, and every time they exhale, smoke comes right into your face, up your nose and into your once healthy lungs.

I mean, I appreciate your right to smoke and the damage your causing to your body, but please, don’t involve me in it. I prefer not to find out in later years that I developed lung cancer simply from people around me smoking their cigarettes and blowing smoke in my direction.

I realize that smoking is an addiction; your body thinks it needs the nicotine. It craves it, just like in any other addiction. If that’s the case, our school should have designated smoking areas.

There should be areas on campus where you can go on a cigarette break and smoke your little lungs out until you just can’t smoke anymore.

An area should be designated where, if people want to have the aroma of cigarettes waft their way, they can. But for those who don’t want that smell seeping into their hair and clothes, they can be as far away as they please.

So please, all you smokers, before you light up the next time, just take a quick look around and be courteous to those walking behind you, because chances are, they weren’t looking forward to inhaling your cigarette smoke when they left for school in the morning.