Scholarship application deadline is approaching – apply now!

Students pass by a scholarship sign on the Quad, Anna Casper | Lariat

The Deadline for students to apply for more than 140 scholarships at Saddleback college is Feb. 24. Grants can range from $500 to $4,000 depending on what the donor puts into it that year. 

“Right now we have 141 scholarships,” said Emily Cramer, development assistant for the Foundation. “They may award multiple awards. So even though there are 141, they may be awarding more. It depends on how much money they want to award.”

The opportunity to apply for scholarships is advertised through posters around campus, seen on the digital marquees when entering campus, posted on social media and sent out through email.

The Saddleback Foundation provides a list of available 2023 scholarships that includes four questions students are required to answer for applications. 

After the four questions and demographic information are completed, the Foundation creates a list of scholarships that each student is eligible to apply for. 

There are separate scholarships offered through the Honors Society. The Alpha Gamma Sigma organization distributes around $50,000 a year and splits it among winners at various schools. These awards are given in cash to the students that spring with no additional strings attached, said Alannah Rosenberg, who oversees the honors program at Saddleback. 

Unlike Foundation scholarships the Alpha Gamma Sigma scholarships require a different application process. First, the students choose which scholarship to apply for and fill out the form. Second, students receive a recommendation from an Alpha Gamma Sigma advisor. Students can apply for both an academic or service scholarship. Two academic scholarships are awarded and one service scholarship is awarded. 

“You apply, but I confirm eligibility and then I write a letter of recommendation afterward,” said Rosenberg, Saddleback’s Alpha Gamma Sigma advisor. “Each school is allowed to nominate two people for an academic award and one person for the service award.”

For more details about the Alpha Gamma Sigma scholarships and requirements, check out their website.

Saddleback Foundation staff members are available to help if there are any questions. There are also workshop events, youtube videos and instructions that will walk you through the process of applying. 

There is also a scholarship information session presentation that can be looked through for more information on scholarships, for those who are unfamiliar or need assistance. Students can also call the Foundation office at (949) 582-4479. Take advantage of these resources before the deadline on Feb. 24. 

Transfer center counselors state-wide have created a list of information and details to all of these scholarship groups for the students to connect with. 

“People should definitely not be intimidated,” said Rosenberg, who also teaches economics. “The worst thing that could happen is that you don’t get any money and that is what’s going to happen if you don’t fill out the form.”

A total of 296 students have accessed the platform, Cramer said. Half of these students have submitted the applications, half are still in drafts.

“I took one day to sign up for all of these applications and then I remember for one of them I just ended up getting all of my money back,” said Samantha Raquilman, a 2021 Saddleback alumni. “I ended up signing up for them because I was like ‘you know what you’re right, there’s nothing I’m going to lose.’ There was just a little bit of writing about why I was eligible.” 

Once the process is completed and submitted, the students’ information is sent out to the donor committees. There are usually three people from that committee that decide on which student to nominate. Applicants are reviewed anonymously, however, the Application reviewers through the donor committee may only know the GPA and major.

“I will be able to continue with my education and reach my goal of earning a degree,” said Pamela Concar, a Saddleback alumni. “As I go forward, I know it is with the help and encouragement of many who have believed in me.” 

Those who receive a scholarship will be honored at a celebratory Scholarship Award Ceremony event in May.