Saddleback offers games for students in quad

Students playing checkers (Don Congjuico)

Don Congjuico

The Student Development Office currently offers games in the quad area to let students at Saddleback engage in friendly competition.

“We want Saddleback to be more like a second home for the students and these games provide some fun,” campus life assistant Kelly Hatter said.

Students like Andrew and Sean playing chess in the open complete what the Student Development Office wishes to achieve through Kelly’s statement. When asked about what the games in the quad mean Andrew said, “It’s a good opportunity for meeting new people and socialize.”

Students like Jeremiah and Lauren also enjoyed a game of checkers even though it was blazing hot out in the open. The heat did not seem to stop two friends from playing a heated round of checkers.

It goes back to the point of “feeling at home” in the campus. A feeling made possible because of the people at the Student Development Office.

Kelly and the people at the Campus life office handle student activities ranging from the games currently in the quad to movie night tonight at the same location. They have also organized a food truck to come at the campus once a month to help change the monotony of everyday taste in life on campus. 

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Students playing chess in the quad (Don Congjuico)