Rock out with Jesus

Sarah Komisky

Luke, Tony, John, and Nick are four guys known as Esterlyn, and they have all the key elements of an indie rock/pop band. While they look and sound like they would take the stage at the Troubadour or Coachella, their venue of choice is the church.

Their new album “Lamps,” has initial appeal because it’s embraces current indie sound but more importantly it successfully builds a bridge to contemporary Christian music with songs that sing about the human struggle and redemption found in Jesus Christ.

The fast, catchy guitar riff of “Kill Your Own” is infectious, with an arrangement of chorus and verse that produces three different intervals of music in the song. Another favorite is “Emptiness,” with synth-guitar, a steady drum beat, and Luke’s distinct vocals.

Catchy “Tie The Leaves,” is fun yet bold and intense comparable to Hawk Nelson or All-American Rejects. An Esterlyn oldie, “Reveal Your Love,” has been redone keeping the chorus but exchanging the lyrics for a quicker tempo.

“We All Need, “This Mystery,” and “Lamps,” are slower tunes that tend to give more attention to lyrics. “Like The Rain” also falls under this category but it gives off music more emo sounding style.

“Seasons of Grey,” is emo-style that it doesn’t totally blow you out of water with raging vocals but it’s just enough to make it work. “Back to the Start,” has a good beat and also a good message.

“Faster Faster” gives fast upbeat indie rock loaded with electric, synth, and drums that is comparable to Mute Math while “About You” rests on more of an indie pop foundation.

Esterlyn’s is a breathe of fresh air. Their musicality is brilliant and their lyrics challenge and to turn to Christ as the solution for our problems.