Respecting punk

Paul Chacolla

Walking to your car after class, a car suddenly drives past blasting loud, fast-paced, aggressive music with a vocalist who screams instead of sings.

You find yourself thinking, “Man, I hate that music. I can’t even understand what the singer is saying. It’s just some guy screaming with noise for music. Punk and hardcore is dumb and I’m going to listen to Death Cab when I get to my car”

Not that there is anything wrong with Death Cab for Cutie, but there is so much more to punk and hardcore than “some guy screaming with noise.”

Hardcore is rooted in punk and in this often-misunderstood genre of music there is love, anger, passion, defiance, living your own life, and a sense of brotherhood.

Attending a punk show is like going to a family reunion. Everyone cares about each other and treats one another with respect.

In “Artmachine Obeservation Tower” by Italy’s Raein, a girl’s voice says: “it is not just music for most of us. A recollection of hope and broken dreams that can leave you filled with anger, grief, joy, frustration and love.”

Art and music are constantly evolving and like other art forms and styles of music, it can be widely recognized but not accepted.

It can be loved or hated.

Everyone has their say in what they think and that is wonderful. You don’t have to like punk but why not give it a listen?

There you have it, a brief insight on what punk can be about. With that said here’s a simple sentence said in a song that rings so true.

Pageninetynine’s “In love with an apparition” starts out saying “Punk Rock should mean freedom, liking and accepting everything that you like, playing whatever you want, as sloppy as you want, as long as it’s good and has passion.”