Reading from the Wall

Celia Wu reading about her work from The Wall (Steven Jung)

Steven Jung

The Wall is not a place or thing or a structure. It is a book filled with poems, short stories, short essays, and paintings or portraits.

The instructor told people that attended about how the audience will be listening to parts of the poems, short stories, and essays at which before the readings the authors and artists will discuss about what inspired their work.

One of the staff members from The Lariat did a reading. “JimieShiovan Cespedes read from her poem, “Too Animated” which seemed to be centered around a beloved family member whether it is a son or spouse and allowed her feelings to be in the poem itself.

As she read her emotion in could be heard in her voice. The next piece was an oil painting simply called, “Birdman of Laguna Beach.” Pat Satterthwaite, the artist who painted the picture spoke about the story of how she always saw this man with many exotic birds.

She then asked if she could paint a picture of him and saw a hawk in the area. When the hawk took off to fly; the man stared at it. It was the expression on the man’s face that she wanted to paint because he was watching the predator of the sky “Like a hawk.”

Satterthwaite used black and white for the whole painting except for the man’s face which she used a dark brown.

The next painting looked like it had many colors in it. The painting titled “Johnathon” by Celia Wu was amazing. The painter however, only used three: yellow, blue and red to paint the entire painting.

She used these three colors to paint other portions of the artwork mixing blue with yellow to make green. Yellow and red to make orange; the amazing thing about it, is that all of the mixed colors like purple, orange, and green all had the exact amount of proportions to make the colors needed.

The short story by Denise Blike, “Quality and Comfort in MJUK Black” is a story of what many people know to be called the “IKEA test.”

“I use real observations from actual relationships I notice to write my work,” Blike said.

Another author, Shirley Eramo wrote a poem called, “Words as Knives.” It sounded like a poem about how she was still hurting to this day about being called names.

All the works of art had many interesting reasons for why the artist was inspired whether it be from simple observations of couples, pain from your past, or just wondering why someone has many exotic birds.

If The Wall ever has another reading students that attend might hear some inspiring ideas, because the readings and paintings or pictures that people take with cameras or can even create with the computer with words or colors shows what talent a student can have here at Saddleback.

Celia Wu 2 (Steven Jung)