Raining yet rewarding

Three-time Olympic Gold medalist Misty May dropped by to check out the IVC Sand Volleyball tri meet. (Adam Kolvites)

Adam Kolvites

Irvine Valley College Women Lasers’ Sand Volleyball hosted a tri-match meet against Santa Ana College and Mira Costa College mid-day Mar. 8, IVC defeated both teams for 2 season wins.

Three-time Olympic sand volleyball gold medalist, Misty May, attended the event and spoke to the teams as a group. May gave simple tips on playing in weathered conditions.”talk about wind, setting, strategize”  advice about working on the “little things” during practice, while playing always “make the other team play.”  

Irvine Valley’s Sand Volleyball is still an undefeated team with their victories against Santa Ana and Mira Costa on Friday increasing their wins to 4. Irvine’s number one team Anne Michum and Allie Cook are still undefeated as well with 4 wins. The two defeated Mira Costa’s top team 21-5, 21-7 and Santa Ana top team 21-10, 21-18.

For the main part of the event most matches were played in the either the wind or rain, which causes playing conditions to suffer for the ball becomes heavier and the wind takes effect on all shots taken.

Anne Michum commented on strategies while playing in unfavorable weather, “Playing closer together, with the wind especially and not letting it be an issue.”

Team two, Lainey Hicks and Becky Moodie also won their matches against Santa Ana 21-10, 21-15, while taking a win after forfeit by Mira Costa.

Third team duo Alex Goodman and Avav Masaniai earned wins against both teams. Defeating Santa Ana 21-11, 21-9, Mira Costa 21-3, 21-2.

Irvine Valley’s fourth team Katherine Kolodziej and Emily Daily played tough in the start of the rain to defeat Santa Ana 21-10, 21-11 and Mira Costa 21-5, 21-12.

After the fourth teams first win, Head Coach Tom Testolesi explained to team four before their second game in the rain to “set feet and center under (the ball) because of the rain.”

Fifth team  Haley Whyte and Lauren Bender defeated Santa Ana 21-10,21-13, fifth team member Crystal Dades played the second game against Mira Costa with Whyte, winning 21-3.

The lady Lasers next tri match meet will be home, Mar. 20 against two 4 year Universities Nebraska and Loyola Marymount at 1 p.m., they are going to be matches for the books.

Hicks spikes the ball down on a Santa Ana defender. (Adam Kolvites)

Lauren Bender dives to save the volley. (Adam Kolvites)