Radiation Levels

Keith Cousins

Posters popping up throughout Saddleback College warn of radiation levels from San Onofre nuclear plant being significantly higher than normal. The poster goes on to recommend that pregnant women or anyone of child or pre-child bearing age evacuate.

  It has been confirmed that these posters, from an unidentified source, are a hoax.

On Sept. 24, Senior Vice President of Southern California Edison Ross Ridenoure went on KSBR to personally refute the message of the posters.

The statement from Ridenoure played throughout the morning and afternoon, and was reported by news anchor Dawn Kamber.

Southern California Edison is replacing four steam generators inside the two concrete domes at the San Onofre nuclear facility.

Once completed, the replacements could potentially save as much as $1 billion over the course of the next two decades when compared to the cost of obtaining the 2,200 watts of power the plant generates from alternative sources.

The renovations on the plant have sparked great controversy among watchdog groups such as the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility. Their stance is that the project should be suspended until the plant can report two consecutive quarters of safety improvements.

David Weisman of the Alliance Nuclear Responsibility denied any knowledge of the posters found on Saddleback College campus.

“The alliance does not support the distribution of unsubstantiated documents,” Weisman said.

The posters have been removed and there is no threat to students or the community.

“If there was a real threat we would have been notified directly,” Police officer Dan Lincoln said.