Printmaking exhibit at Saddleback

Shane Weld

The walls of Saddleback College near the theater glistened with talented artwork. The artwork was so talented, interesting, and thought-provoking that one might think that Andy Warhol and Van Gogh had stopped by. But this impressive artwork was actually done by Saddleback students.

The first thing that hit my eyes when I walked in was a one-way sign that had been painted on.  It was unique and interesting, and I liked the idea, but to be honest I didn’t know you were able to keep and paint on street signs.

Another piece that caught my attention was a picture that had pieces of money cut up in it. Maybe it was fake money, but it looked real to me. Whether legal or not, I found this to be creative and it gained my approval.

There were some clever pieces of artwork, one being Richard Nixon dressed as Elvis. Maybe it was done just for fun, or maybe there was a hidden humorous meaning to it, but either way, it will put a smile on your face.

The art gallery displayed so many different types of artwork. The reason the artwork was all so different and unique was because there were several different artists. 

Besides the provocative artwork and the humorous artwork, there were lithographs, etchings and a couple paintings that looked to be graffiti-style. One unique eye- catching artwork was a series of three paintings that showed a frog jumping.

Overall, the experience was pleasurable, and I recommend everyone attend and support local artists. The artworks range from $35 dollars to $3,500; there is something for everyone.