physical education classes: hot or not?

Exercise is not a bad thing, but taking exercise classes at school is not always the greatest idea when there is a grade involved. If you’re like me, you have a hard enough time just getting off the couch in order to exercise.

By the time you put down your Tivo remote control and actually get to the gym, you’re already patting yourself on the back for a job well done. Obviously that in itself is enough for some, so why would a person want to continue on, awaiting a grade for the work they accomplish when they do exercise?

A person who dislikes and avoids exercise already feels self conscious and uncomfortable in a gym or exercise class. Getting graded is just adding insult to injury. And if they receive a grade lower than what they hoped for, that will definitely keep them from pursuing any more exercise classes.

Even if you do decide to exercise, you should want to do it for the right reasons. Meaning, your motive is to live and maintain a healthier lifestyle, not to receive a grade. If all you care about is the grade, then after completing the class you probably won’t continue exercising.

You should exercise on your own. That way, your workout focuses on strength and your health.

After continuing for a while, you will see the benefits of your workout and exercise might become enjoyable, when it wasn’t before.

For someone who likes to exercise, they may enjoy their class, but knowing a grade is imminent will most likely cause, at least, a little stress.

For instance, someone takes a kickboxing class. They may like kickboxing, but the prospect of a grade constantly looms over their head throughout the semester, making the class maybe slightly less enjoyable.

Yeah, taking an exercise class at school may be cheaper than joining a gym, but is the added pressure of a grade worth it? Why not work out on your own, at your own pace and make it a more enjoyable experience.