Option 3 performs at Saddleback

Caleb Strano

The jazz group Option 3 performed at Saddleback College Thursday February 18. The trio performed five of their songs, with each one having its own distinct sound. 


Before each song was played they would give a little background to why the songs were titled a certain way which was a nice touch. 


Each of the songs they played seemed to have a meaning behind it and it was almost as if you could hear it through their music.


The group consists of three people.  Joe Bagg, keyboardist, Jamie Rosenn, guitarist, and Matt Mayhall, drummer.  Matt is not the bands normal drummer but he did a great job. 


The normal drummer currently lives in New York and plays with the band whenever he comes out to California.The three that played at Saddleback are from Los Angeles. 


“We’re all based in L.A.  We all live here and we’ve all been here for a number of years,” said Matt Mayhall. The bands performance was great and a joy to listen to. 


“I thought it was really good, all the musicians played very well together and they’re all really talented,” said Courtni Padilla, student at Saddleback.During the performance the band seemed like they were enjoying playing together and having a good time. 


They each looked like they had a passion for what they do. 


 “My favorite part about being a musician is that things are always changing,” said Mayhall. 

 “I kinda like not being locked into a certain routine.


“Not only did they look like they enjoyed themselves but the songs they performed sounded great.  It was traditional jazz that made the people in the audience tap their feet. 

 Each song had a different feeling then the one before it. 


 Each band member would have a solo which they all performed brilliantly and had the audience applauding.During the concert it was clear that each of the musicians were very skillful at what they do and that they take time and effort to make it the best they can.  The songs flowed together and the timing between them was perfect.


Option 3 played some songs from their current album called Points Subtracted.  The album is available now and can be purchased on iTunes.