Open minds can open doors

Ana Castellanos

Overcoming adversity takes courage, passion and determination. Believing in yourself is a power no one else can give you and something no one else can take away.

If there is something in life that irritates me the most, is the racism that still exists to this day.

Why is it that, as humans with logic, we cannot see past the box that is built around the individuality that makes us who we are?

This effect is almost the idea that, if you are born a certain color or way, you are only supposed to accomplish so much. And if you do surpass your set potential, you’re probably something bizarre.

I’m sure most of you have seen one of Disney’s interracial programs. Why can’t they be reality?

Having variety of culture and individuality, accepting one another for who we are inside and getting past that labeled box we never even care to do a little picking at.

It was the Civil War that brought an end to this issue called “slavery.” This included harassment, name-calling and unacceptable behavior and treatment towards individuals of a different skin color. On February 24, 2007 , the Virginia general assembly passed a house joint resolution, number 728, which states: “with profound regret the involuntary service of Africans and the exploitation of na’ve Americans, and call for reconciliation among all citizens” with the passing of this resolution Virginia becomes the FIRST out of 50 states to acknowledge the slavery they once participated in, but is still today discrimination and racism.

Why do generations pass on despicable words like the “N” word” rather than the beauty and wonder of the different cultures? If we could understand this beauty, the world could be a better place. Deep inside, we all dream for peace at mind, heart, and after world peace.

Everything we wish for we can accomplish as long as we want it bad enough. Never give up. Determination is the key to disregard the ignorance of racism and discrimination.

Giving someone who is different from you the opportunity to be who they are without judging their appearance can impact your life in ways you’ve never thought of.

People would be surprised at how much you can learn from a person who has different cultural beliefs than you. I don’t intend for this column to automatically get rid of all the hatred and racism that has been built over decades, but I would be satisfied if maybe we tried a little harder to not discriminate because of persons skin color and their individuality.

After all, stereotyping and name-calling is nothing but pure ignorance, and college students must learn to think outside outside the box.