O.C. offers fun

Janelle Green and Sarah Komisky

Many Orange County residents believe that they are running out of entertaining activities to do now a day but the O.C. has enough adventure in its own backyard to captivate just about everyone.

For Orange County’s ‘fashionistas’ who need some good old-fashioned shopping therapy, The Lab in Costa Mesa has an Urban Outfitters, an Arth, a Buffalo Exchange, and a Harlow along with plenty of other trendy stores. Anyone looking for a full out shopping spree though should check out Irvine’s Market Place which is the epitome of all shopping bliss and the mother of all major malls, containing an unheard of 120 stores to choose from.

Orange County is well known for its beautiful beaches. From the endless miles of independent shops to the hot tourists looking for a good time, any beach is definitely the place to be.

Fashion Island offers upscale stores, over the top jewelry shops, and a movie theatre but most importantly, it contains a numerous amount of popular restaurants. This giant outside mall is similar to the Irvine Spectrum except for it is about ten times larger, not packed with junior high kids and sixty year-old bachelors, and has a permanent rich aroma of delicious cuisine floating through the air.

“Fashion Island is filled with rich people but the Cheesecake Factory is really good,” said Lorena Arias 18, undecided. “It seemed like a very family oriented restaurant. The service was really good and everyone was very friendly.”

After a long day at work, one could definitely use a massage or two. At the Lake Forest Beauty College, skincare for an inexpensive price is not just a treat; it’s a priority. Hair and nails are also taken care of at this high-end, therapeutic faculty.

“I went for a birthday party a while back and they did my nails, my makeup and my hair. They gave my friends makeovers too,” said Roxie Vela, 18, child development. “It was a lot of fun.”

The musicians that reside in O.C. certainly appreciate the House of Blues, which only holds concerts with the best artists around.

“I went to see the Kottonmouth Kings,” said Kamy West, 28, Journalism. “There were so many people in the room that it felt small.”

West assures music lovers that the House of Blues is set up in a way that makes the concert both enjoyable and reputable.

Another music auditorium that proves worthy of both time and money is the Grove of Anaheim. Jackie Sapigal, 18, fashion, swears to this music amphitheatre at least once a month.

“It’s fun; you get to see a lot of celebrities there,” said Sapigal. “I saw Nicky Hilton, Brooke Hogan and Micheal Richards.”