Conscious eating key to success, says counselor

Marissa Kent advises students to have a patient and positive relationship with food. Adam Sparano I Lariat

To show Saddleback students how to mindfully eat and make better food choices Marissa Kent, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor hosted a free event November 14th in BGS 254. The event was sponsored by the School of Health and Wellness Nutrition Department.

“It isn’t just about dieting right, we have lost a connection with our food” Kent said. “A lot of the times, especially with busy parents, a goal is to try to have at least a few dinners a week where there is a conscious connection to the food instead of going for the instant meal.” 

The topic of intermittent fasting came up during the session “There are a lot of trendy weight loss but more importantly is the consciousness to our eating; the smell, the taste, the texture,” Kent said. 

“There was a lot of good discussion about how to implement mindful eating with family members and children in particular,” Said Professor Lori Hoolian, Health Wellness-Nutrition Dept. Chair. “This time of year it’s especially important to eat when you are hungry, enjoy your food, but also stop when you are full and don’t over-indulge. Marissa gave the audience many tips on how to do that,” Hoolian said. 

An Intuitive Eating Brief Assessment self assessment was distributed as well as the “Intuitive Eaters Holiday Bill of Rights” a seven point directive on how to enjoy responsibly.

The “Bill of Rights” includes reliance on internal hunger and satiety cues. It began with a question: What if peace on earth could begin at the dinner table? Imagine experiencing an inner peace, free from incessant worry about what to eat. It also included statements like you have the right to savor your meal, you have the right to enjoy seconds without apology and you have the right to honor your fullness, even if that means saying “no thank you” to dessert or a second helping of food.

For more information please contact School of Health and Wellness-Nutrition Dept. Chair Lori Hoolian at [email protected]