Michi races on track, through academia


Brandy Pastor, JRN 120 Contributor

Twenty-year-old Aubrey Michi is an unassuming six-foot concoction of willowy femininity with a large side of brains and a quiet determination.

Competing for Saddleback College, Friday, at the Orange Empire Conference finals, Michi broke her own record in the high jump with 1.6 meters that earned her second place for the category.

She scored 8.74 meters, taking eleventh place in the triple jump and 4.3 meters for twelfth place in the long jump.

Her recent victories have now qualified her for participation in the southern California regional preliminaries on Saturday, May 3 in Bakersfield.

Michi grew up in Southern California, but don’t expect to find her around here for too long. Europe, most likely France, is the destination of choice if she ever has to settle down.

“I don’t like living in this bubble,” Michi said.

She is already anticipating the three weeks she will spend in Paris this summer.

Although Michi enjoys time abroad, she is quick to voice her disapproval of unpatriotic attitudes, especially from those in influential positions. While on hiatus from travel adventures, her appetite for international fare finds some satisfaction through Farsi laden banter with her Iranian boyfriend. She loves to speak in French, but is fluent in Farsi as well.

Michi maintains an extraordinary scholastic schedule, with as many classes in one semester as some take all year. These includes: calculus II, biology 3A, French 4, international relations, intro to psychology, as well as track, and weight lifting classes.

“It’s not hard at all,” Michi said. “I’m used to having a full load of classes. You have to work at to get an A. I went to Lehigh right out of high school. I don’t study long – I study smart.”Her “Lehigh” turns out to be Lehigh University, the “Ivy League-type” school in Pennsylvania. Two steps forward and one step back (aka Saddleback) became part of her plans due to our modern-day college entry systems.

She only had a one percent chance of getting into a California university coming from Lehigh.

“The U’s are paid to take community college kids first,” Michi said.

Her scholastic strategy brought her right back to Southern California, just a few miles from her old high school, Trabuco Hills.

Her self- discipline motivates her through a busy schedule that prepares her for her lofty aspirations.

“I can see myself being Secretary of State,” Michi said. “I love Condoleezza Rice. She’s my hero. When she has an agenda, she gets it done.”

She shuns the lazy attitudes some fellow students take and views her present tasks as a training ground for future challenges.

“If you put in work at community college, you won’t get your butt kicked at U,” Michi said.