Managing your closet is a must for fashionistas

Reevaluating your closet may be a good idea if you want to stop spending your allowance and paycheck on seasonal clothing. ( Lara604/Flickr. Creative Commons license CC BY 2.0.)

Kimiya Enshanian

The mall right across from Saddleback College’s campus is seen as a paradise for students, but in my opinion, the possibility of paying this spot a weekly visit makes it a danger zone.

You may feel lucky to be in such close proximity to the mall, but in reality, it’s those stores lined up inside, all neat and pretty, that feel lucky to be so close to you.

Why? Because as a general rule in the field of marketing, the demographic of young people, as seen in the college environment, are the impulsive spenders of the market, giving stores excellent business all throughout the year.

According to a statistic in Seventeen magazine, nearly three-quarters of young people are spending the same or more money this year as they had before with 70 percent saying they still spend in cosmetics and 72 percent saying they spend in clothing.

While I am in support of a business’ financial success, I would rather see the financial success of my peers and that is why I say, ladies and gentlemen, give it a rest and try to save your money.

As a cousin of mine who living in Europe pointed out to me, Americans spend their days and nights, their vacations and lunch breaks, wandering inside the mall until they find something to buy.

Orange County, to be more specific, embodies that good old capitalistic mentality to live a life of spending and competing.

When we’re not competing to get that great career or blind our neighbors with our shiny cars, were competing in department stores to buy the trendiest of apparel, and for what?

I believe the majority of the youth of our nation, particularly females, have lost focus of reality.

Girls today want to dress like the cast of Gossip Girl and aspire to have the life and wardrobe of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex In The City when they get older, despite having insufficient funds to live in manner.

Nevermind that college tuition, including that of Saddleback, is going up, and buying a home in California has become a mission impossible, the youth of today simply don’t seem to get it.

Now that I’ve made you feel completely guilty and hopeless about your wild spending ways, it’s time for a suggestion.

After you get off work, come home from school, or the gym, go to your room.

In a swift motion, throw everything in your crammed closet to the floor.

To the “shopaholics” out there, this activity may take a while but be patient because the more time you spend in doing this activity, the less appealing the mall will become to you.

Now really look at all those jeans, blouses, and shoes you’ve collected. Some of these might have drowned in the sea of fabrics and you may have forgotten you these piece. This will be a true reunion of sorts.

As you sort through the piles, organizing what you like and what you don’t, be careful when you feel the need to throw something out, you simply never know when styles will reappear.

Instead, put them in a bag, store them away along with other pieces you may not currently like, and continue organizing the rest.

Once you’ve organized your closet, you should have a content feeling, noticing that you have way more clothing than you need to look chic, let alone to survive.

I am not saying to never shop again or bargain with the salesperson at Nordstrom to give you a discount on those jeans you love. I believe when you organize your closet, your brain will organize itself on its own you’ll be able to be smart consumer choices.