Look a bit deeper into ASG

Guest Column: Justin Santiago

Saddleback’s Associated Student Government is arguably one of the most proactive and diverse extracurricular activity we have on campus.

Although there is such an assorted group of students, there is one common vision and one common goal: that is to continuously improve the student’s academic and social life both on and off campus. ASG’s role ranges from dealing with the monetary issues that help advance the different divisions on campus to promoting the particular events that are focused on the students and faculty.

ASG involves three different branches, Executive Cabinet, Senate and Inter-Club Council. Each of these branches deal has its own focal points,with the center of attention on the student body.

The Executive Cabinet is responsible for planning all events throughout the year, with the concentration on how students can be more engaged with these activities.

The Senate incorporates the money ordeal and the Senators of ASG split the year’s budget into the many divisions we have on campus, such as Social and Behavioral Science, Physical Education and Fine Arts. Not only do the Senators divide the money, but they also fund many of the events we have at Saddleback. Lastly, the Inter-Club Council is in charge of allowing clubs on campus to reach their fullest potential.

Each club that is ratified and currently active has opportunities to promote the meaning of the club to interest the student body so that they will be involved with what Saddleback College has to offer.

A great way for clubs to reach out is through Club Rush, which there will be two this spring semester.

Specifically this spring semester, ASG plans to put on a special event during each month.

January welcomed students back to school with a barbecue and club rush that was meant to encourage students to check out the many active clubs that are looking for new members, students can also create their own club.

There was a celebration for Martin Luther King Jr., in which there was a guest speaker and a peace walk around the campus.

A big event that is going on for this month and early February is the production of the Vagina Monologues. ASG will contribute a lot to this show including direct participation. The show stresses the importance of femininity and being comfortable in your own skin.

Since February is Black History Month, ASG also plans to sponsor different events in regard to commemorating African- American history.

Another fun event for the students is a pizza eating contest. Last semester, we held a hot dog eating contest which attracted a large number of people- so the basis of this event is to do the same thing, and that is to show students that there are entertaining things to do here on campus.

In March, there will be Jazz Night, which has a New Orleans theme. The purpose of this event is to raise money for charities still dealing with the tragedies from Hurricane Katrina. Students should definitely partake in this incredible cause, listen to stellar music by faculty members and a guest musician.

Towards the end of this semester, in the months of April and May, we will hold Awareness Week, which brings awareness to students about suicide and abuse, and also Multicultural Week, which spotlights the many cultures we have in this world.

You can see that there are many planned events for this semester, but the problem is that not many people notice the hard work that students and faculty put in into making these events a success. So when you see signs around school or flyers on the wall, take time to read them, and if they interest you, check it out.

I am pretty convinced there is something at this school that will catch your eye immediately.

As an active ASG member for the past two years, I would like to strongly encourage everyone to see what the school has to offer.

There is what you see on the surface, but if you look a little bit deeper, there is something that will ultimately change your outlook on life.

We all may think that Saddleback is just a “junior college”, but in reality, Saddleback is really the pre-step for your future.

As part of the student body, we need to voice out any opinion we have concerning the well-being of this school, and being in ASG offers the advantage of deciding how we can make this school, and ourselves, a lot better.