Jeff Denson takes Saddleback College to a “Secret World”

“A lot of these pieces come from images and concepts I see,” says Denson

Anibal Santos-Maldonado

Jeff Denson’s passion and energy lit up the McKinney Theater on Monday night. He and his quartet brought their unique style of jazz to Saddleback College.

The audience and the band shared the stage creating an intimate setting for the jazz performance.

 “We always do it for the smaller groups, it just depends on the show. It reminds them of that club feel,” Music Lab Technician of the McKinney Theater Kevin Mowry said.

Denson played songs from his latest jazz album entitled Secret World. Denson is the vocalist, composer, and plays double bass for the quartet.

“A lot of these pieces come from images and concepts I see,” Denson said to the audience. “Dusk is the moment you have the most incredible colors.”

The audience received Denson’s music well, but there were few who were indifferent.

“A little laid back and not enough energy,” said Fredrico a member of the audience.

Despite a few complaints, many audience members took the time to stay after the show and chat with the band.

“Creativity is what keeps us going. The freedom to create what we love to do,” said drummer Gerald Cleaver about the motivation of being a musician.

“A lot of the music is us improvising and Jeff’s music allows us to that.” Cleaver said. 

Saddleback College was Jeff Denson’s last stop in his Secret World music tour before returning to New York for his next project.

Secret World is available now for purchase on iTunes.    

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