Jazz faculty showed off their skills in concert

Jazz Faculty (Lariat/Anibal Santos)

Melanie Roberts

The jazz faculty played a swinging concert in the McKinney Theatre, Monday Jan.28, to an intimate, but engaged audience.

Joey Sellers (trombone), director, said they play a concert at the beginning of each semester.

“It’s a nice way to set the tone for our jazz students, a lot of the time we match it up with whatever’s going on with the kids,” Sellers said.

At 7 p.m., Sellers opened the show with an upbeat “1,2,3,” accompanied by faculty members: Ron Stout (trumpet), Jerry Pinter (tenor sax), Ariel Alexander (alto sax), Jamie Rosenn (guitar), Luther Hughes (bass) and Paul Johnson (drums).

The first song, “Untitled Blues,” was a cheerful medley. Hughes kept a laid-back rhythm as Johnson, Stout and Rosenn joined in on the tune.

After the song ended, Sellers joked that audience members could write their suggestions for a song title on 20 dollar bills.

During “As It Were,” Johnson used metal brushes to create a gentle pitter-patter sound, as Alexander swayed and nodded her head to the beat.

The following piece, “Over You,” by Stout was well received by the audience and the players.

“I like Ron Stout’s piece, because that’s a new one for us and it’s a beautiful tune,” Sellers said. “Anytime I get something new that I haven’t played before, I get happier.” 

Hughes, Rosenn and Johnson executed the fifth song, “Will You Still Be Mine,” as the rest left the stage. Johnson had a solo on drums before the other two rejoined him.

The show closed with the liveliest piece of the night, “Madagabucci,” by Sellers. The tune was fast paced with a strong trumpet and bass section. It was interrupted several times as Sellers yelled out the word, “Madagabucci!” with an animated excitement.

After the performance, students were enthusiastic to share their appreciation and fondness for the concert and the faculty.

Luke Reeder, 18, music said, “I absorb all the music I can. I thought all the songs were amazing. It’s great to see everyone come out for the monster faculty players.”

Reeder takes classes with most of the musicians, but says the rest make appearances throughout his classes.

Another student, Robert Felix, 18, music said, “It was the first time I’d seen the jazz faculty on stage and I was just amazed at the teachers’ talent.”

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Playing Bass (Lariat/Anibal Santos)

(Lariat/Anibal Santos)

( The jazz faculty played a swinging concert in the McKinney Theatre, Monday Jan.28, to an intimate, )

(Lariat/ Anibal Santos)