Jazz auditions to be held for jazz music students

Saddleback students have the opportunity to play with Jazz legend Charles McPherson. (Laurent Kramer/ charles mcpherson.com)

Anibal Santos


Jazz Instructor Joey Sellers will be holding spring semester musical auditions in room FA 103. Auditions will start on Wednesday on Jan. 23.

Auditions will be for the following groups: Jazz Lab Band at 1:30pm, Jazz Combo at 4:00pm and Big Band at 7:00pm.

“We will play some scales, improvise a bit, and sight read a bit. Bring your instrument. If you are a drummer, bring cymbals, sticks and brushes,” says Sellers.

Students who audition for Big Band will have the opportunity to play with jazz legend Charles McPherson.

McPherson was hired to play the saxophone parts in Clint Eastwood’s biographical film, Bird.   

“It’s like playing with a living legend,” he says.

“It’s going to be a great semester, I also have some serious guest artists coming in that are killer, he says.”


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