Jackson’s neglectful doctor should stay behind bars

Kiralynn Edmondson

In 2009, Michael Jackson overdosed and died due to a drug that his own doctor, Conrad Murray, prescribed to him.

Murray’s defense claimed that Jackson administered the drug himself, and that Murray should not be accused of involuntary manslaughter. Murray’s defense later lost the trial.

In my opinion, Murray was rightfully charged with involuntary manslaughter, although he should be facing more than the four years he is looking at.

“It will be very difficult to achieve an appropriate sentence of incarceration for Conrad Murray,” District Attorney Steve Cooley said last Monday.

Supposedly because Dr. Murray has no prior criminal record, he may not even face the full four years. His medical license will only be suspended in California.

The lightest sentence Murray could receive is probation.

Doctors all over the world prescribe patients with medications that patients could live without. Many patients become dependant and abuse these prescription drugs.

According to a National Survey on Drug Use and Health, in 2009 16 million Americans reported abusing prescription medications.

Dr. Murray should be used as an example, Doctors should respect medications, use them with care and be punished for neglecting the good of their patient.

Because Murray is a big shot doctor and his patient was famous, this should be taken seriously, the world is watching

Other documented accounts of a doctor misusing prescriptions would be Heath Ledger’s doctor. Ledger overdosed and died due to FDA approved drugs that his doctor prescribed to him.

When doctors like Murray and Ledger’s doctor get away with over medicating a patient, it gives everyone underneath them the permission and okay to do so.

It is scary to know that if you have tons of money you can buy your own death from your doctor. These doctors probably gave the famous men the drugs they wanted because the men had the money for it. Unfortunately, all the money in the world cannot bring human being back to life.

There could be a slur of gold digging doctors in America right now, by slapping Murray’s wrist we are really putting the public at risk by showing other doctors how easy it is to get away with feeding into their patient addictions, even though it could end up in their death.

Murray should be behind bars just as long as he had his nose in a book studying to be the crooked doctor that he is. He should never be able to use his medical license again despite where he is in.