IVC’s homecoming King and Queen share their winning experience

Matt Contorelli, 2008 King

The whole experience was great…well maybe not so great when you’re fighting off the flu.

It was really fun to get more involved with IVC than I already am.

For a first time homecoming event I think this went about as well as we could have wished for.

The most important thing about having a homecoming game is for the athletes the most.

The thing that I was the most happy to see was that the seats at the game were mostly filled.

As ASIVC VP, I can say that our goal was accomplished and hopefully in the future we can only increase the popularity of supporting our teams and making Irvine a more exciting community.

Between IVC sports and performing arts center…theres no reason why IVC can’t be a centerstone in the Irvine community. All and all, it was an honor and a privilege to be elected by my peers.

Sure, a few of my friends gave me a hard time about running, but I have a saying that goes “If you don’t laugh at yourself…someone else will.”