IVC homecoming approaches

Ana Castellanos

January 26 is the last day to turn in applications at Irvine Valley College for all candidates who want to be apart of the first annual homecoming court at IVC.

Candidates will be interviewed by the committee.

“The candidates are able to campaign all through out the campus”, said Helen Locke the director of student development.”They can campaign with banners, fliers, and there is no restriction”.

The campaigning will be from January 28 until February 8. While the voting will take place strictly online from fellow piers during January 28 through February 15.

The winners will be announced during half time at the basketball game where Irvine Valley College battle Saddleback College on February 22. All students interested to participate in the homecoming court must be qualified candidates. They must be a current Irvine Valley College student with at least 12 units or more completed at IVC.

They must also be enrolled at least nine units this spring semester of 2008 with a GPA of 2.0 or above. For applications visit www.ivc.edu.