IVC hires new Chief of Police

Rodrigo Azurmendi

After the retirement of Owen Kreza in Dec. 2006, Irvine Valley has finally found a new Chief of Police.

Willie Glen was sworn in Nov. 13 in a ceremony held by IVC President Glenn Roquemore.

Glen has 36 years of experience in the field. He worked for seven years at the Los Angeles Police Department and also worked in Illinois for six years and at Cal State, Los Angeles for two years as well. He was administrative sergeant at Cal State, Long Beach and police lieutenant at Cal State, San Marcos.

He had been working as a police lieutenant responsible for the crime prevention unit, patrol operations at the Irvine Campus, training, fleet operations, the terrorism liaison office, and public information for Cal State, Fullerton.

“I have a well-rounded knowledge of the field,” Glen said. “I bring a breath of experience to IVC.”

Roquemore praised Glen’s accomplishments.

“His extensive experience in campus-based law enforcement makes him a great addition to Irvine Valley College,” Roquemore said. “Chief Glen not only brings many years as a police officer to IVC, but also his experience in police management, operations, policies, and programs in a university setting will be a welcome addition.”

Glen believes his organizational skills were the reasons he was hired for the position.

“President Roquemore wanted more community-oriented policing,” Glen said. “They also want me to provide direction for the department.”

A graduate of Laguna Beach High School and the University of Redlands, Glen has extensive knowledge of Orange County but has never worked at a community college.

“I was born in Southern California,” Glen said. “I am very familiar with the area and I’ve spent most of my life in the Cal State system.”

Throughout his career, Glen has policed all sizes of student bodies.

“I’ve been at San Marcos with 4,500 students, and later at Fullerton, the second largest campus in the state,” Glen said. “I have experience with both types.”

Glen stressed the need for certain changes in the IVC police department.

“We need to have better relations with local police officers,” he said. “We specifically need better communication with Irvine Police Department and to get agreements with them on who’s responsible for what crimes,” he said.

The Chief is aware that Irvine is among the safest cities in the U.S., but claims he can’t be too relaxed.

“It’s great because the crime in campus reflects the crime in the community,” Glen said. “People become complacent and it shouldn’t be that way. Crime moves and it’s always good to be prepared.”