IVC fall dance concert

“The Curious Nature of Cocktail Dresses” Choreographed by Nate Hodges. (Kira Edmondson/Lariat)

Kiralynn Edmondson


The Irvine Valley College dance students performed their fall dance concert over the weekend for the public to enjoy at the IVC Performing Arts Center on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The two act dance concert consisted of African, modern, Aerial, jazz and acrobatic dance pieces. The cast was a mix of students from IVC, as well as former students and dance students from local studios.

The first dance called, “The Curious Nature of Cocktail Dresses,” was guest choreographed by Nate Hodges. The flirtatious dancers were dressed in their colorful cocktail dresses and were all fighting for the one male dancer on stage.

“The hardest part about ‘The curious Nature of Cocktail Dresses’ was the acting, it was fun and Nate was great at incorporating the acting,” said Marlania Riegelsberger a 15-year-old local dancer from a nearby studio.

“It was really fun to dance and also a good challenge. The choreography was fast and intricate, it was a good challenge and made us rise to the occasion,” said former student Lisa Kapchinske.

Lisa also showcased some of her own choreography in the concert called “Noises.” The music was both by Usher and Ella Fitzgerald.

The dance began as a reenactment of a tryout for an Usher music video. As the dancer filed on stage they each expressed their insecurities and nervousness.

After they all danced their hearts out in hopes to book the Usher gig, the director only chose 1 of the 14 tryouts. The dancer who got the position then danced upon stage expressing how good it felt to just dance as best she could and not worry about the other dancers around her.

The Sacred Ritual was choreographed by Marie de la Palme. It was a duet with former student and guest performer Ben Sayles and Kelsie Koziol, who will be graduating this year from IVC with her AA in Dance.

The duet was very intimate and tribal. The two danced to the song “Tracery.” The body work in the dance was strong. Sayles did lots of lifting and twisting of his partner Koziol, as they stayed in one part of the stage and very close together.

Sayles also performed with Torque Method Entertainment, a group he has been with since he graduated and moved to Los Angeles. They performed an acrobatic piece to showoff their skills in precision strength and teamwork.

“Its fun to watch students learn here at IVC, especially when they move out of town to continue their passion and then continue their relationship here where they started” said de la Palme.

Kiera Hornby showcasing her aerial arts (Kira Edmondson/Lariat)

Ben Sayles and Kelsie Koziol in “Sacred Ritual” choreographed by Marie de la Palme (Kira Edmondson/Lariat)

“Rolling in Stillness” Choreographed by Chorong Yang with direction by Marie de la Palme (Kira Edmondson/Lariat)