IVC Club Day to be held soon

Irvine Valley College’s Associated Students (AS) will be hosting its annual Club Day this Jan. 30 from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. in the student services quad.

Each of the clubs will be outside in front of the quad with tables set up and club representatives ready to answer any questions from prospective club members.

All sorts of clubs are going to be offered this year, such as XTE (Chi Tau Epsilon), a criminal justice club, the video gamer club, and even a chess club.

Finding a club that peaks a specific interest isn’t difficult thanks to the wide variety that are offered.

Club Day will be promoting about twenty clubs total, including two new ones in The Japanese Club and the Engineering Club.

Club Day is the ideal venue for connecting with fellow students of similar interests, hobbies, or majors.

“It will give students a sense of unity,” said Isidro Zuniga, 20, chemistry. “Clubs will provide more opportunities for meeting new people and can benefit the students in the future.”

Whether you’re trying to give your resume an extra boost, learn about something new, or just join in on some extra-curricular activities, joining a club is an excellent opportunity.

For a list of all of the clubs being promoted, just visit the ASIVC Inter-Club Council Page (link on www.ivc.edu).