Highmore composes symphonic melodies for audience members

Moji Ogunleye

August Rush is a movie expressing a young boy’s journey of finding his long lost parents through his gift of music.

While at a New York orphanage, August (Freddy Highmore) listens to sounds of nature that takes viewers back 11 years to explain why his parents were not able to care for him.

One day a social worker, Richard Jeffries (Terrence Howard) talks with August about possibly moving him to live with a foster family. August pleads with him to stay in order for his parents to find him.

That night he is bullied as being a ‘freak’ and makes the decision to find his parents on his own.

Throughout the movie, the scenes go back and forth into the lives of August’s parents and himself, and their search to find each other.

His father, Louis Connelly (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) was a guitarist in a band, now turned businessman. His mother, Lyla Novacek (Keri Russell) was once famous celloist and now a music teacher.

While in living on the streets of New York, August befriends Arthur (Leon G. Thomas III), an aspiring child guitarist.

Arthur introduces August to Wizard (Robbin Williams), who is somewhat of more like an overseer to homeless children with musical talents.

Connelly decides to move back to New York after a fall out with his girlfriend and play guitar again, while Novacek is invited to an event in New York to play a piece for the Philharmonic at Central Park. August gets his musical talents known, and eventually attends to Julliard, a Music Academy.

August creates a musical symphony piece that is played at Central Park, the same night his mother will be playing.

That night determines whether or not they will meet up with each other and be a family.

The lesson that is taught through “August Rush” is to never to give up a dream.

The movie is very family-oriented. The main character searches for his family, and at its conclusion, he finds them.

Many families will cherish this moral.

He was separated from his parents at birth, and he seeks them through music.

This touching and heart moving movie portrays a family conflict while ganering appeal from a wide variety of people because music plays such a prominent