Gun control or crime control

Steven Jung and Hayley Slye


     A recent event in Connecticut has led President Barack Obama to try and pass a new gun control law by limiting clip sizes to ten rounds or less and taking away assault weapons.

     The Connecticut shooting involved a man, who  obtained a gun and shot 20 children and 6 adults at an elementary school last December. The man is believed to have some mental issues.

     Obama was seen in recent news reports on TV just days after the shooting; showing emotion of sorrow and sadness for the families that lost their loved ones.

     Obama  proposed bringing a gun control law into affect that some people believe goes against the constitution, since the second amendment states that the citizens have a right to bear arms.

Limiting ammo or weapons does not prevent incidents like the Connecticut shooting as proven with the Texas tower shootings on Aug. 14, 1966.

     Charles Whitman the man behind the Texas shooting of 1966 had killed 15 and wounded 33.

     Whitman used a Remington rifle for his shooting, which is a bolt-action rifle for hunting. Most hunting rifles, including bolt-action rifles are not considered assault weapons and are legal to own.

     Obama is  reacting to the Connecticut shootings, but limiting types of weapons and the clips sizes will not stop shootings. The gun control is approved by some, but others feel it is destroying the constitution.

Even though Obama is trying to only limit the kinds of weapons, some feel since it is in the constitution that it is an American’s right to own whatever weapons they want.

     Gun control will always be an issue when incidents like Connecticut’s school shooting, the Texas tower sniper, or Colorado’s Columbine happen. However, people should remember that gun control is a choice made by the people, not the government. If certain states feel their crimes are worse than in other states, then they might pass different gun laws than other states.