Green books more eco-friendly than blue books

Casie Nguyen

Continuing the quest to be environmentally friendly, ASG’s Green Committee is working on eliminating blue books and use the green books instead.

“Our main focus is to eliminate the blue books,” active member Bridget Khazanovich, 19, communications said.

During exams, Professors require students to write their essays and answers in a blue book which is basically a small notebook.

“Teachers aren’t aware that the green book is available as well.”  Khazanovich said, hoping that teachers would tell students to use the green book rather than the blue.

However, the paper made out of fresh natural sources. Instead, students should use the Green Book which is environmentally friendly and made out of 30% recyclable material.

Kathy Young, 17, Pharmaceutical Sciences said, “I never knew there was a difference between the two books; I always assumed they were just different colored covers.”
Both are sold at the bookstore for the exact same price, and students should know that there is no difference and that both books are acceptable.

“We’re trying to get professors to tell students to use the green book instead.” Khazanovich said.

Recently Chair of Green Committee,  Kingya Rutynowskihas been pressing for changes in the Green Book and Blue Book. Rutynowskihas has convinced to the bookstore to put on  a sign to buy green books not blue. Rutynowskihas is contacting her fellow ASG senators to contact their deans to encourage their staff to reward using green books.

Now, the bookstore is ceasing to order blue books and ordering green books instead. The hardest part seems to be informing teachers that the books are the same. The Green Committee hopes to spread awareness to instructors to promote the green books instead of the blue.

The Cafeteria is also rendering changes. No longer are the cups made out of  Styrofoam, but recyclable corn paper. These cups are naturally disposable instead of Styrofoam, which isn’t.

A plan to get these corn cups had been brainstormed for a while now. The Green Committee waited until the cafeteria and coffee karts exhausted their supply of cups, and ordered new corn friendly ones to replace it instead.

The Green Committee has meetings every other week on Mondays around 130.
Green committee was started lat spring, but did not do a lot of projects aside from Earth Week. This year, Green Committee hopes to raise awareness to green and other projects all year long.

“[I think we can accomplish] Being a more self conscious individual about events and taking care of the planet that we live in.” Ochoa said. “I want my children to enjoy the same things that I can. If it gets really bad with pollution in the future they‘d have to wear masks and that‘d be terrible.”