Gaining cellular phone wisdom

Dominic Gutierrez

So cell phones. They are devices used to contact another person in any circumstance. But that’s not all they do anymore.

They can take a picture, play a song, record video and go on the Internet. All of these “aftermarket” uses for the original cell phones are pretty cool, but we don’t really need them.

I also don’t understand what the big deal with having the newest one possible, because right after that one is out, another one, a better one, is on the way.

The money spent on cell phones nowadays is ridiculous. To get a slightly above average phone, it’s going to cost anywhere from $250-up.

But to tell the truth, the only thing that I think that is worthy of being on phones is the camera.

The camera is amazing. Not everyone is able to carry a big camera wherever they go. But when that technology is incorporated into a small device, that already carries a purpose, why wouldn’t someone get one? Having the ability of a camera at your every moment can help in many situations.

Say that you where shopping at the mall, and you come back to see that a shopping cart has rammed into the side of your car leaving a considerable dent. What do you do? You don’t have the ability to later on explain to a judge that there were carts everywhere, because the defense will just say the opposite. So you bust out your camera-phone, and start snapping pictures of the shopping-cart-infiltrated parking space. Then, you have proof of the damage, and of what occurred.

The other thing that is great about these new phones is every time one comes out; they seem to be a little smaller.

My cell phone is extremely wide, and it’s not even that old either.

I’ll be sitting with some friends, just kickin’ back, and will feel extremely uncomfortable because it’s bulging out of my pocket. It seriously is ridiculous.

One time, for a high school dance, I had that thing in my pocket. Let me just tell you, that after a minute or so of dancing, the poor woman looked back, gave me the strangest, most disgusted look, looked down at my pants, noticed the giant hump in my leg, and then proceeded to understand what she was feeling, and then finally just walked away.

It was sad… really sad. From that point on, I would make sure not to bring that phone to any more dances.

So ladies and gentlemen, save your money from the mp3 phones (especially when you already have an iPod), and get a tiny, and I mean really small, camera phone.