Five recognized for technical backstage skills

Outstanding Technical Theater Scholarships (Courtesy of IVC)

McKenzie Sixt

Carley McNammee and David Aldrich waited nervously backstage with three other technical theater students. McNammee’s first thought was perhaps they were in trouble for making technical mistakes during Irvine Valley College’s production of “Philadelphia Story.”

However, relief came for the group when Ron Ellison of IVC revealed that the five students had been selected to receive $500 scholarships for their talent and work in technical theater. Lexxi Cooper, Scott Johnson, and Trevor Roehler were the other scholarship recipients.

“I was excited that the students were completely surprised by their awards,” Ellison said. “The faculty hoped to surprise the students with this ceremony.” The recipients of the 2011 Irvine Valley College Department of Theater “Outstanding Technical Theater Student Scholarship,” were voted for by the Department of Theater’s Faculty.

Carley McNamee, 18, theater technology

Q: What was the scholarship for?

A: Basically it was an award the five of us received for stage management. It was for all of us who excelled in backstage work putting on the show.

Q: What was your reaction when you heard your name called?

A: It was terrifying, we all thought we were in trouble when we were called backstage before the show. We knew there had been some surprise since January, so when Ron started talking about it we all realized and started freaking out and getting excited.

Q: What are you future plans involving theater?

A: I still have another year at IVC finishing up my general ed classes. I am not sure where I want to transfer, but I was looking at University of Texas for its Theater Technology department.

Q: How did the show go that night?

A: The show went really well, we had a great audience. All of our parents were there to see us receive the scholarship that was nice because some of our parents were not even planning on attending the show.

David Aldrich, technical theater

Q: What were your thoughts when you were called on stage?

A: I thought we were receiving an award, but I did not expect a scholarship. It was nice to be recognized because there is not a lot of recognition for the backstage aspect of theater.

Q: How long have you been involved with theater productions?

A: I guess you could say it started at IVC, in college mostly. I participated in high school, but nothing as involved as what I am doing at IVC.

Q: How was your experience with the “Philadelphia Story” this spring?

A: It was definitely on par with any other IVC production with a fun atmosphere. It was a great place to work and learn.