Farsi follow up

Steven Jung

The Farsi workshop had a meeting earlier this month and has another one this Friday at 10 a.m.

Sholeh Alizadeh, the instructor of the workshop, wants to have other language workshops as well. “I want to offer a variety of language workshops,” Alizadeh said. The workshops that Alizadeh is in charge of are workshops for students that do not speak English as a first language.

There are other English as a Second Language (ESL),classes that teach students English.

Alizadeh also explained that students prefer the one-on-one question and answer sessions they schedule with her rather than when the school used to have a workshop that ran either all day or for half of the day.

She said, “The workshop is not just for brand new students; some of the students that speak Farsi prefer their native tongue when they are looking for help.

The workshop only helps students to a certain point, however, the students do not get help from the workshop when discussing about academic counseling or an education plan. If the students have questions about either then they need to go to either the Counseling Center or Transfer Center.

If the students need other help such as disabilities then they need to make appointments with either DSPS. Alizadeh also explained how if they are also part of the EOPS program for financial help, that they then need to make appointments with that department.

If Farsi-speaking students want a tour around the campus, then they go to the Outreach Program. To further help the students the flyer for the workshop has the information of the workshop in the Farsi language. These flyers are on the front desk.

Students can make appointments at this front desk for the Farsi workshop if they need to speak to Alizadeh. “A lot of people walk up to the front desk and ask when the workshop starts,” Alizadeh said.

The students seem to know where to go if they want help and speak Farsi and they also seem to enjoy the help they receive as well.