Editorial: What should the new Library be named?


Saddleback College has the rare opportunity to start over in recreating one of the most pivotal buildings on campus, the library.

The library at Saddleback has been under construction since spring of 2010, but the wait is almost over. The renovated building is scheduled to reopen in the fall semester.

The next step to completing the Library is to give it a name. Currently the name is the James B. Utt library which has been given the nickname the “Butt Library.”

Many different names are up for consideration with sparking rumors with different camps wanting different names.

Some of the speculated names on the list for consideration are named after specific administrators that are currently employed by Saddleback.

Many people are in favor of naming the library after a person, however there are some arguments against this.

Some students view it as silly to name the building after a person or administrator of whom few may be aware. A person should be memorialized with his or her name on a building only if they have contributed a lot to the campus, both in his or her terms of time and monetary patronage.

One of the more popular ideas is to give the name a sense of learning and dedication.

The Saddleback College Library of the Pursuit of Higher Dedication to the Continual Journey of Knowledge, is certainly not a practical name but the essence is to give it a cerebral quality that should be found at a college.

Gaucho Library or even just Saddleback Library are more preferable to many students who would rather see students learning at an encouraging place than at a place with a random person’s name that most people haven’t even heard of plastered on the side.

All in all, it is just a building that has books and classrooms, and most of us who currently attend Saddleback will probably not be able to enjoy it. However, names can be important to some people.