Editorial: Top-10 list for students

Editorial Board

The new semester is now in full swing. There are no more syllabus discussions, everybody has survived the MySite meltdown and finalized enrollment, and homework assignments have become reality.

For those students who are embarking on their third week ever here at Saddleback, the Lariat staff decided to extend a helping hand. In the vain of David Letterman’s top-10 lists, the following is a list of things (in no particular order) students should keep in mind when learning the ropes here on campus:

1. If you add a class, do not drop it the next week. Many students would have gladly added in your spot, and now they cannot.

2. Get to school early and avoid the parking lot battles between multiple students for one parking spot. It can get ugly out there.

3. Do not park in the staff parking lot. You will get a ticket. Also, parking permits can be purchased at the police station in the Village. (Side note: Campus Police officers are actually legit, trained police officers, so take them seriously.)

4. Do not, under any circumstances, trust a vending machine.

5. Used gum and loogies do not actually contribute to the aesthetic value of our campus, despite obvious sentiments among some students. There are more than enough trashcans on campus, please utilize them.

6. There is nothing you can do about the fliers on your windshield all semester. It cannot be stopped (determined after extensive research by the Lariat staff). Help out the maintenance crew and refrain from throwing the fliers onto the parking lot asphalt.

7. If you are in a hurry between classes, don’t fall for the classic line: “It will only take a couple of minutes,” from the booth attendants parked outside the Student Services building. Usually, something important and lengthy will follow, so it is better to give yourself more time to here what they have to say.

8. If you have classes in the Village or the Fine Arts building, consider bringing a dust mask; there are plenty of fumes flying around the atmosphere due to construction.

9. If you smoke, that is fine, but there are ashtrays on campus for your butts. No, you are not the world’s most accurate flicker.

10. Get used to the crows. They have been here longer than you.

Keep these guidelines in mind, and your time here at Saddleback should be a breeze. If you remember only one thing, just try and help keep Saddleback a great place to attend college by contributing to the friendliness of the student body and the cleanliness of the campus, instead of being a part of the problem.